Anonimno nežno / Anonymously gentle

V torek 10. 1. 2017 je bila v Kregarjevem atriju Zavoda Sv. Stanislava otvoritev razstave mojih novejših del.  Uvodni govor je imela mag. Bernarda Podlipnik, dela pa je predstavila Zala Vidali.


Fotografije z otvoritve:


Here are some photos from the opening of the exhibition Anonymously gentle which took place yesterday in Kregar’s atrium at St. Stanislav’s institution, Ljubljana.
The work was presented by Zala Vidali.
The exhibtion will be open until the 6th of Feburary.

Journal intime #24

As the main project for my artist residency in Paris I decided to make one daily collage/sketch/watercolor painting and one polaroid photo.

Today is my last day. Most of it was spent packing and cleaning the studio. Still I managed to make one collage and take a polaroid of my beloved shoes, which have fallen apart and I will have to leave behind.